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The following Projects commission by management on which my work integrity stood  exceptional as per companies expectation. Level of Confidence developed on floor work in server room face many challenges keeping continuity of network services ON, Minimum packet drop.   



Installed  Cisco manageable switches SG350 on Network rack, configure Vlans on each  ports as per company requirement. Interlink each switch using VTP  

Configure WAN IP LAN IP  MPLS  on Fortigate 300 Firewall,  Assigned Static  range and DHCP  range.

Setup IPSEC VPN from home Office to Cloud for accessing  Cloud Server and other branches apply firewall rules. Block Website and application restriction based on Mac binding.  Static routing to connect other subnet. Test IO ports across  the floor ping firewall gateway, After success full testing submit report to management.

Polycom Real Presence 7000 series  Video Conferencing setup installed at office connecting across four location, Topology design based on Uni to Many MPLS VPN  where audio and video, Content sharing transmit on port number H323 ports,3230 - 3235. we setup a Server rack with Polycom server running on Esxi platform installed on Dell Power Edge Server R730 XD ,   Real Presence Collaboration Server application on this server  enable multiple user with Audio Video & Content collaborate smoothly.

Second Server  DMA Distributed Media Application  register all devices of caller also called Call Server.

It manage distributed call across collaboration network,

Third Server RPAD Real Presence Access Directory Provide all participant Secure  connection  visually from any device any where

Also call Internet Server do NAT.

fourth Server Real Presence Rich Media Communication it is also called provisioning server where you can run 15 session from RPAD

Fifth MS Recording Server .

After testing Video calling across all location Polycom presence and successfully submit the report to company.




database enginer.jpeg

Set up public-yum repository and enable the latest Add-Ons channels. Install pre-install rpm.

Configure ASM, Configure new group and Users.

Validate public and private network pings and entries in /etc/hosts.

Verify the disk to create the asm disks and partition disks,

Install below rpms for configuring asm disks.

Configure ASM Lib.

Load the kernel module using the following command.

Create ASM disks using oracle ASM utility.

On the other nodes scan the ASM disks to list the asm disks.

Check all required rpms are installed or not in rac server.

Create the directories in which the Oracle software will be installed.

Create the other asm disk group to store the data using asm ca

Unzip the oracle database software and execute run Installer

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-09 at 11.08.11 AM (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-01-04 at 17.10.32.jpeg


Data Centre Migration

Offshore Clients Network infrastructure migration from  Level 3, Braham Street Data Centre and Chiswell Street Date Centre  to  Azure and Aws Cloud.

Web host Server, Mail Exchange server, Development & Production Database Servers, Biometric LDAP Server, Application Servers, Active Directory and Domain Servers.

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